February 05, 2018


Grace, beauty, charm
Seductive and sensuous
SHE is the epitome of femme fatal!
SHE is from VENUS ..they stated

Valour, confidence, Independence
Virile, and handsome
HE is the epitome of macho masculinity.
HE is from MARS.... they said.

Since ages they defined 
in the Gita, the Bible and the Koran.
In categories, columns,
scriptures, dress codes
and even distant planets.

Until.......times changed and....

They broke stereotypes,
barriers and restrictions
braving the bickerings, 
banishments and resentments.
They merged into one,
until the boundaries disappeared
Their duties, their roles,their personalities
no more confined to the 
definition of Him or Her.

They were neither from 
Venus nor Mars, 
now, they became We 
from She and He,
to live together happily 
on the planet called Earth.

Snehal R Puthran

Category: We are not from Mars or Venus: Live together on Planet Earth