March 08, 2018


Just another simple day, it was supposed to be,
She came home, but her love was nowhere to be seen.
She called up his family, office and friends,
But there was no answer, she became tense.
And the next morning, she comes to know he's dead.
Her whole life it had come to an end.
Every dream she had, it became a mess.
She wanted to cry, but it was not the time,
For her daughter, looked upon her.
She did bury the tears,
But the pain, it never did fade.
She toiled twice the amount after that,
And refused to marry again, just for money's sake.
She wanted to give her daughter the life she deserved,
So she sacrificed her life, by providing everything to her.
She worked day and night,
To make sure, her daughter would be alright.
Years passed and she never made her daughter feel she lost her dad,
She made her chase her dream and made sure she never lost the courage to hope,
Hope to always have fun,
Hope to be number one,
Hope to trust the world to love her,
And made sure, she was given the love of a father.
All this is only possible by a woman.
While a man may be able to do both the roles,
But he may never replace a mother whose love and care can change worlds.

Author: Amith Chhabria

Category: We hear you sister, silence is golden