May 17, 2017

From making coffee to baby-siting, your TV can do it all. And making it happen is a relatively new kid on the super high-tech block of smart homes. SmartHomy is a consumer electronics start-up based out of Chile and Bangalore. It is working on bringing a first-of-its-kind smart home device, the "Homy Player" to India this year.

Home automation isn't new, but what is new is that the estimated market sizefor home automation products in India is likely to reach a whopping Rs. 8,800 crore ($ 1.3 billion approximately) in 2017.

SmartHomy's Home Player will be launched globally end of this year. Image Source

"The Homy Player owners will be able to connect this device to their existing TV though HDMI port and they will be able to control, monitor, turn lights or coffee maker on/off, arm the security system, check their baby camera, while watching their favourite movie, streaming TV, enjoying thousands of apps, or playing X-Box like games in the comfort of their living room," says Bangalore boy and SmartHomy co-founder, Amit Surana.

SmartHomy is a vision of the founding member Orlando Jerez who is from Chile. The research and development started in a small town in the south of Chile in 2016. The company quickly started looking for disruptive engineers to make products that could change people's lives. Surana was involved in Home automation, and joined Orlando to become co-founder of the company, and started the Indian arm to focus on the growing market here.

For SmartHomy, the main challenge so far has been to create a singular, easy-to-use device that could unify all the gadgets in a residence. "We began with the production of our first home automation controller, named "Homy Player", which will be the world's first dedicated home automation controller powered by Android TV," says Surana. The product will be launched around the world in the third quarter of 2017.

Homy Player owners can control their homes from Android and iOS. Image Source

SmartHomy uses Z-Wave protocol for its products. In plain speak, Z-Wave is a protocol used to wirelessly control home automation products like automated windows, lights, HVAC, pool settings, garage doors, etc. There are more than 1,700 certified Z-Wave products, and about 50 million active devices on the planet, ensuring a wide range of applicability.

Globally, companies such as FibaroVera and Zipato have been quick to log on to this phenomena. In India, other companies such as Noida based Oakter, Bengaluru-based Thasmai, Gurgaon-based Home Brain, etc, have been working on different aspects of smart homes in the recent years. 

Truly, home is now where the smartest gadgets are.