February 19, 2018

Image Source: 123RF

I carry you - in my womb
And make you, you - the you
For you to come out

A mother I am, a wife I am
A daughter I am, a sister I am
Never a little gal have been

With responsibilities I wake
All the duties I fulfill with grace
That's how I am made

You assume I am fragile
Believe me, am the most agile
Amidst tears I am the one who can smile a mile

I make a grain, the food
I make a building, the home
I make a planet, the world we live in

I bleed, a nation I lead
It's my wish, it's my need
It's upto me...its me after all indeed

All I do, is for me and you
I bear you in, I bear you out
A life without me, you can't think about

Yes, that's me, though I sob
Am all powerful and soft
All of this is my days job

They say...Don't break the glass ceiling
And I agree to that smiling
And that keeps them wondering

They doubt, if I am fine
For they don't know...The whole of sky is mine
With wings of will I fly!

Author: Priya Kulkarni
Category: All in a day's job: breaking through the glass ceiling