March 06, 2018

Once a fragile heart,
Broken so many times,
Yet not giving up on this dream, So tender, oh so brittle.

A million dreams I want to fulfill,
And shatter the bondage of seeking approval. For long have I been accustomed to,
Remain uncomfortable in my own skin.

For every time I rise up,
Many hands pull me back.
I know now I am heading the right way, To cause a great ripple in this
Mind made loch.

Trapped in it for long now,
Stumbling over and over again!
What vicious cycle of lies,
To be told you are not capable of such greatness, The perils are too many,

For one to surpass and come victorious!

So for all us here and for the women My dear girls someday you will be,
I am breaking the glass ceiling of lies,

And reaching out for the abundance for many, While I reach for my dream,
I build hope for you,
I build the rope of strength strong enough

For you to always hold on to

So when you are told,
You are not enough for the job,
You are not strong or brave,
Dear one look ahead!
You will see we all have come this far, And the road ahead is still calling!

So choose wisely to give all your energy,
To the experiences that help you grow!
For the ones to poison the mind are many,
But the ones to water the soul too few.
Beware of all the inhibitions which pulls you down,

Yet remember there is nothing that can keep you From reaching for your dreams no more.

Pearl Horo.


Author: Pearl Horo
Category: All in a day’s job: Breaking through the glass ceiling