January 28, 2017

From its humble use as a sack, jute has come a long way indeed to become a fashionable accessory. This natural fibre, primarily grown across Eastern India, is contemporary in more than design. It fits right in with an environmentally conscious set of shoppers.

Fun Fact - India is the largest producer of jute.

It's aesthetic, versatile, and eco-friendly...in fact, it's everything that a fashionable and responsible shopper could want.

Riding the trend is the Ganges Group, an 87-year-old company in Kolkata, which launched a line of jute bags in 2002 called 'Anges'; Anges Bags is the fashion arm of the Ganges Group. 

Already a hot name in bags, Anges has tied up with almost every available online retailer and has won the Highest Export Award from the EPCH in 2007-2008, 2008-2009, and 2011-2012 for jute handicrafts in the Eastern region.


Anges Bags Anges Bags

Ricky Osatwal, Creative Director at Anges Bags talks about what inspired the company to launch the bags. “We wanted to develop a more utility and fashion-oriented line of products; something in the accessories market that would be stylish as well as sustainable and reusable. So, we decided to make handbags with the best quality jute and cotton, and created sleek, sophisticated pieces that were also an eco-friendly choice,” he said.

Ricky Osatwal
Ricky Osatwal

Anges offers men and women a pretty wide variety to choose from – totes, satchels, backpacks, cross-body slings, duffel bags, laptop bags, wine bottle bags, and pouches. If you're one to make bulk orders, they'll even give you customisation options.

Anges Bags


Why you ask? “In an age when bags are still purely utilitarian objects with mass appeal, Anges is looking to create exclusive products for the discerning few who are passionate about sustainable fashion and exclusivity. Since we can offer services like monogramming, embossing, embroidery, and digital printing under one roof, we are happy to customise bags as per individual requirements, within a minimum order quantity,” says Osatwal.


Anges Bag Print

Given the surge in demand, Anges has expanded its product range to include tablemats, runners, coasters, bracelets, and cushion covers. Despite their world market, they consider themselves a small company with “all the time in the world to meet customers' exacting demands and achieve perfection”. Basically, if it's to do with jute, juco, or cotton, and it's production-friendly, they're ready to try anything!

wooven jute tablemat


You can't get any more natural than jute, so it makes sense that Anges Bags is leading the charge to 'Go Green' and ban plastic, and not just in India! From concept to completion, every product passes through stringent ethical processes; “We insist on only the highest quality materials to create our distinctive style, without compromising the environment. We follow EPA guidelines and as per European norms, we are an AZO-Free and REACH-compliant company. We can and should all be active participants in creating a better world. Working with our network of customers, Anges has been able to establish fashionable jute and cotton bags as a responsible alternative to plastic bags in many markets across the globe!” says Osatwal.


Text by Rachel George 

Anges Bags are available online. For more info, visit http://angesbags.in/