April 16, 2018

A session focused on design automation tools; specifically Outlined.co


In this 60mins + 60mins session, you’ll be taken through the basics of design (font, color, visual balance etc), go through an overview of traditional Vs. new age design tools and will practice your learnings on the Outlined platform. 

NOTE: This is an interactive session so you’ll need to carry a laptop. Internet access will be provided. 

You won’t become an ‘expert’ in 60minutes; that takes 10,000+ x 60minutes (https://www.businessinsider.in/Malcolm-Gladwell-Explains-What-Everyone-Gets-Wrong-About-His-Famous-10000-Hour-Rule/articleshow/35964144.cms) - but you’ll see how MANY tools today have automated a LOT of what would otherwise need human intervention and only one persons’ ‘intuition’ to get it done. At the very least, you’ll be more aware of how to use non-traditional tools to have a more engaging conversation with graphic designers.  

Session Overview:

First 30mins

- Understanding font/color/layout etc. - basics of visual design

- Traditional design software

- New age creative automation software


- Walkthrough of Outlined.co

Next 60mins

- Practicing design exercises on the Outlined.co platform

Last 30mins

- Printing / Sharing design critique

- What not to do in visual design & a look into visual design trends


Who is this session for:

- If you’re interested in doing design, but not interested in learning complex software

- If you’re tired of crying over lack of understanding from/with your designer (i’ve been one, so i know)

- If you’re a brand / marketing manager and want to see how brand automation can cut time and costs

- If you work in Retail, Corporate Communications, an advertising or design agency

- If you’re part of a startup team 

- If you’re just curious


Who is this session NOT for:

- Power users of complex design software. We’re not here to convert you :) There’s room for everyone. 

- If you’re already well aware of design basics and would rather not sit through that again

Suggested Reading: (most design courses are from 3 to 5 years - so spending 30mins to go through these links will only help :)








Sign up for this awesome session at 


Karn Malhotra - +91 98455 22281 & Karn@outlined.co


Brief Bio: 

Karn is the Founder of the B2B SaaS brand automation tool - Outlined.co. With Outlined you can do print and digital collateral design without using complex design software or needing to know design aesthetics. 

Karn also runs Exitdesign.in, a brand strategy firm. He was listed as one of the top 25 Consultants of 2017 in Bangalore, is a TEDx speaker and has appeared on the cover of India Today as a 'Designer to Watch'.