March 30, 2017

Remember those carefree days of childhood when you dreamt of pursuing your passion? As they grow up, most people sacrifice their dreams in the process of loading their pockets.  


The Good City met a duo that has managed to reclaim their dreams. We bring you the story of these individuals who found their passion; as Emma Stone sings, 'Here's to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem…' 

 "This is my first film although modelling has always been my passion," Jyothsna V


"I thought if the film could made a difference in a single woman's life, I would be happy," Vinay Pachunoori

Vinay Pachunoori, debutant director, and Jyotshna V, debutant actor, have a winner on their hands inThe Dark Night, an independent short film.The film won the best screenwriter award at Direct Short Online Film Festival(DSOFF) and was nominated for Berlin Flash Film Festival and Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.  

A software engineer, Pachunoori grew up watching films by directors like Mani Ratnam, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, and Ram Gopal Varma. Sucked into the mechanical life of an engineer, his only stress buster was binge watching movies. Harbouring a desire to make meaningful cinema, he was concerned by the rising cases of molestation and rape of women. The perception of women around the world bothered him and he felt compelled to make a film which would pivot the concept of a woman being a 'damsel in distress', constantly in need of a 'knight in shining armour'. "I feel very strongly about the safety of women. I believe women are far stronger than what we give them credit for. They have the strength to take care of themselves. They just need to be calm and try to think on their feet in a moment of crisis", says Pachunoori.  

Be careful not to bite off your fingernails while watching this thriller

Jyotshna V, who plays the protagonist, was a perfect fit for the role. "I walked into the audition straight out of a business meeting. I was dressed in my formals which surprisingly worked wonders for me. Vinay told me he could see me as Meghna, even before he started narrating the script," says Jyothsna, who is an entrepreneur and has founded companies like JJ Fitness & Grooming Experts, and OMG by Jo, which is a clothing and jewellery brand.  

The first time director and actor duo have created a bold thriller with a hard-hitting message. "The response has been overwhelming. A lot of women told me how the film has inspired them to not panic at any given situation, it makes me feel like I made a difference. I am glad I didn't give up my dream," says Pachunoori.  


Yes, indeed, 'magic happens when you don't give up'. 

Text by Ankita Sarkar
Images credit : Facebook