March 03, 2018


I dwell in a big blue marble
like two peas in a pod; unvarying and just.
Why on earth am I without a saddle?
When I deserve the Alps, the oceans and the dust.

Amidst virtues of Red Orb we still stand high,
toils and dilemmas seem subtle nevertheless uphill they char.
The Globe held firm spirits, I personify;
They consorted lofty hopes, withal we fall below par.

Manifold beauties our planet cradles,
pride to gaze at the Venus and Mars;
But meagre life lessons, made eerie unnerving cradles;
Despondent! there's none we see in the Earth that's ours .

Each day the sun beams a glow,
I phantom charming castles in air;
castles of fairness and seeds of harmony I sow;
For equality of the pair I dare.

Conferred radiance of the moon so elite in the skies;
The cluster of stars that twinkles so deep 
Beauty of the soul and heart it edifies.
Layman! doesn't it apprize your essence to heed?

Lets breathe His artistry with joy and mirth;
Abide, live together on Planet Earth.

Author: Zainab Shabbir

Category: We are not from Mars or Venus : living together on Planet Earth