February 01, 2018

Cool Sub

I loooove club sandwiches, but as we all know – sandwiches are made with bread.

Booooo! Substituting bread can be tricky and people do it in various ways, but in a recipe like this – what’s better than using fresh cucumber?

When we first started brainstorming about this idea, we decided to make these Club Cucumber Subs two ways – one as a lunch: where all your yummy club goodies gets stacked on some hollowed out cucumber. And two: as cute little appetizers for a party or a pre-dinner snack.


How to DIY

Here's how you can make a cool cucumber sub:

Slit a long cucumber into two, scoop out the seeds,

Rub a bit of mint chutney along its length

Fill it up with cheese, tomato & onion.

Close it and enjoy a guilt- free sub.

Cucumber Sub

For more yummy variations try filling with sweet corn and olives

and replace the chutney with tomato salsa or guacamole or even hummus.