January 11, 2017

Ranthambore Festival is a three-day event set to take place from 27-29 January at Nahargarh Palace, which seeks to promote wildlife conservation and shed light on dying folk music forms in Rajasthan.

The #RanthamboreFestival is a celebration of Rajasthan’s rich heritage, so it is only fitting that its stories find a worthy stage. Flanked by the Ranthambore National Park and nestled in the Aravali’s foothills, the decadent Nahargarh Palace will set the scene for the three-day event.

An initiative of non-profit organization Puqaar, entry to the festival and many of its events is completely free of cost, though certain workshops and concerts will be ticketed separately.

The Venue
Nestled in the forests of Ranthambore lies the Nahargarh Palace, our magnificent venue. It's beautiful halls, courtyards, terraces, and avenues will be completely transformed on the republic day weekend of 2017 as it plays host to a festival like no other.

Within the ramparts of Nahargarh Palace lies its crown jewel, Hanthikund, where our festival's headlining performers will take the spotlight to serenade you. Built in the style of traditional step-wells that date back to 200 AD, the BookASmile Hanthikund mainstage promises an unforgettable cultural experience under the stars.


All-access passes are also available for Rs 12000 inclusive of accommodation and all events for the entire duration of the festival. Head over to Bookmyshow for details.

Events at the festival

Include musical performances by folk and classical artists including legendary sufi vocalist Ustad Ma Zila Khan (who has also curated the event), dancer Mallika Sarabhai, folk act Maati Baani and classical pianist Karl Lutchmayer along with 35 hand-picked Rajasthani folk musicians.

 Our documentary crew explored every nook & cranny, corner & unpaved path of Rajasthan's desert to find the gifted guardians of its indigenous music.

The festival will also feature open-air film screenings, interactive talks and participatory workshops, hot-air balloon rides and lots of eats to keep you full.

Tickets are free but make sure you RSVP for you pass here on Bookmyshow. Follow the Ranthambore Festival on Facebook for more information and check out the event page for updates.