February 28, 2018


I want you,
I want to embrace you to my heart's content
you are that bright and clear 
I only dream of you being around.

All the nights,
all the dream,
I have no other image
but you envisage.

To the sun I want to open the gate
to leave the dark rustle behind.

With the wind I want to flow 
out of the deep darkness
happiness accompanied
to freedom/love and peace!

I'm thinking, in the moment of neglect
It is dark.
But this dream
is the beauty of paradise,
the peace I wish for,
the acceptance I ask for, 
the love I’m waiting for,
there is a song,
song about pursuit of happiness,
which has taken me deep in the dream.

O, life if I want one day
that would be this dream,
where I can breathe freedom and happiness.

Author: Yashika Gulati

Category: We are not from Mars or Venus: living together on Planet Earth