March 21, 2018

Through the 80s and 90s, Bangalore was often celebrated by the press and general public as the fastest growing city in Asia. Sure enough, our quiet city filled with lakes and trees exceeded a generation’s collective imagination, and has now become a world city. It continues to grow and life here moves forward at breakneck speed. At this point, Vivek Mathew, who grew up in the city in the 90s asks you to pause, and take a meditative look at your connection with the city,
through this series of photographs.
The Fluid Stillness series, which explores life between Bangalore’s ripples is Vivek’s quiet way of exploring beauty in the water bodies that abound our city. Shot over the last two years, this series enhances the beautiful elements that still exist in our city, and Vivek’s photographs call for us to go within and seek the beauty without. Vivek feels that our lives are akin to what emerges between the ripples, and through the fluid stillness in his pictures, he shows us how our lakes
have stood strong, while we have changed.
Vivek’s work is inspired by paintings. He likes to express his subconscious thoughts about the city through his love for colours and abstractions. In fact, Vivek treats colour as his language, the expression of which is abundantly vibrant in the hues that permeate the distance between the surface of the city’s water bodies and their unseen depths.
Fluid Stillness features the Bellandur Lake, Sankey Tank, Ulsoor Lake, Lalbagh Lake, Kaikondrahalli Lakes, Jakkur Lake, Cubbon Park Lake and the Hennur Lake Biodiversity Park in Vivek’s endeavour to turn Bangaloreans towards the elixir of life – water.




Start: March 25 @ 11:00 am
End: April 2 @ 6:00 pm
Art & Photography 

Venue -  Venkatappa Art Gallery

kasturba road,next to museum road,cubbon park
Bangalore,Karnataka India 

Vivek Mathew's tryst with photography began with a simple thought - capturing the brilliance of a moment. 

Doing what he does best, Vivek today has travelled the world and experienced the essence of life, through his camera lenses. And it is an addiction he never wants to get over.


Having completed his education at Asia’s top notch institution – The Light and Life Academy, Ooty – Vivek has gone on to bring life into Fine Art, Architecture, Travel,  Nature, People and Interiors, through his photography. Considered as one of the “Young and Unusual” photographers of today by the India Today Magazine, he has also been featured in prestigious publications – The
Times Journal of Photography, Time Out, Design Today, Better Interiors, National Geographic Traveller India, Forbes India, Smart Photography, Bangalore Mag, The Times of India, Femina, Classic Imaging  and Women's Wear Daily -New York.