April 24, 2017

Beagles are docile by nature, and while this makes them popular as pets, it also makes them a top pick for chemical experiments. They are used to test the safety of pesticides, food preservatives and various other drugs and cosmetics, and many never see life outside a lab. They have never barked at a passing car or chased a postman.

On World Day for Laboratory Animals, The Good City crew shines a light on 'freagles' (freed beagles). Last year, India became the first Asian country to ban animal testing in laboratories, and this led to the freeing of 156 beagles from labs in various parts of India.

A massive beagle rescue and rehabilitation operation conducted by CUPA and PFA chapters across India, and last June, 156 beagles who had known life in a lab, found themselves in as close to doggie heaven as possible. The Hotel for Dogs campus in Sarjapur, a pet boarding facility in Bengaluru and Chennai, offered its gardens, groomers, and trainers to the freed dogs. The freagles were vaccinated, bathed, trained and groomed - all ready for their forever homes!

Donations, in both cash and kind, poured in from across the world. Over 300 have been freed and adopted by dog lovers. Some of the freagles have blended in with their families, while others, are still traumatised. There is hope and love, and tails which are learning to wag.

A two part film by Black Pepper Studios shows the freagles choosing their own humans; Pooja, Hetal, Kimberly, Mitran, Ashish, and many others were chosen by the beagles who, nervous but hopeful, ran to them.

Warning: You're bound to choke up when you see the wary freagles learning to trust their new families!

Watch them here:

We are the Freagles:

Fur-ever homes for all!