June 13, 2017

Grow your own veggies? While that's been happening for a while in urban areas such as Bengaluru, an unique initiative for city folks is Grow2Share. This free app encourages home-grown fruits and veggies that are free of pesticides, and are grown in a natural way.

 Grow2share encourages you to use your kitchen waste smartly as manure and prevent it from ending down the drain or at a landfill.

Co-founded by Mayank Agarwal (An entrepreneur who runs Geek Creative AgencyFriederike Fokuhl (A German language teacher who works at Mercedes Benz and has lived in Bangalore for over 6 years) and Apoorva Jaiswal (HR professional), Grow2Share uses interactive resources and tools to bring together first time and seasoned gardeners along with service providers on one platform by linking users with different vendors who supply naturally grown soil, seeds and manure.

A feature that I particularly like is that the app allows you, like on social networking platforms, to chat with fellow gardeners, ask or answer questions about farming or gardening. You can share your progress pictures, get credits for what you grow and get encouraged to lead good healthy habits.

How did it begin?

A common thought in the group was that if anyone had any space they should grow vegetables at home rather than flowers. While Friederike was experimenting with growing vegetables at home, Apoorva wanted to start her own vegetable garden. They decided to collaborate and start a platform to harvest vegetables and fruits under Grow2Share.

Friederike and Apoorva at the Open House.

The app was launched on June 5th and has just crossed over a 100 + downloads on both iOS and Android platforms. Here's a video featuring Mayank & Friederike at Open House Edition II, a popup event in Bengaluru. A  variety of saplings were given away to visitors along with a download link to the app.

Grow, share, sustain for a healthy life & planet. Grow your own food and share it with the community with Grow2Share app on Google Play Store & Apple Store.

 Grow2Share encourages home growers to share and grow more.

Tips to live better in the city

  • Segregate your waste and invest in a composter at your house to process wet waste into manure
  • Say no to disposable plastic - bottles, wrappers, glasses, packaging, cutlery, straws etc
  • Grow your own food
  • Plant more trees - don't throw the seeds of the fruits and veggies you eat - save them and plant them in free land around you.
  • Get free saplings from BBMP and plant them   
  • Start rainwater harvesting in your house/apartment/office
  • Shift to sustainable products made from bamboo