May 12, 2018

If you have voted today, you are in luck.

Bengaluru Urban has always had the lowest voting record in the state, despite being the capital city. In the last elections in 2013, just about half the registered voters had cast their vote. To boost the numbers this time around, brands across Bengaluru have encouraged urban voters with attractive offers, valid only if they flaunt the voting ink.  

While casting a vote and participating in the democratic process is a reward in itself, check out these cool offers ranging from free dosas and coffees to health and beauty treatments, to books and coaching classes and apparel!


Project Eve is offering an exclusive voucher to customers who have voted, across their stores at Garuda Mall, Magrath Road or at 4th Block, Jayanagar.


Yi Bengaluru (a part of CII) has reached out various brands across the city to support their #ShowTheInk campaign. 

Brands like:

  • Vero Moda (20 percent discount),
  • Anand Sweets (one beverage free),
  • Sankara Eye Hospital (discount of up to 50 per cent off on consultation fees),
  • Inlingua (5 percent discount), BodyCraft Salons (discount of 10 percent or up to Rs 500),
  • Origami (10 per cent discount),
  • Flying Squirrel Micro Roastery (discount of 10 percent on coffee packs),
  • Big Wong (discount of 5 percent),
  • Slug (discount of 5 percent),
  • Nisarga Restaurant (Free Coffee & Dosa)
  • Brown Apron (Rs 50 off on orders above Rs 500) 
  • Pataka Mannar’s (Rs 50 off on orders above Rs 500) are on board. For more, check out


Raintree Media is offering, to the first 10 people who reach out with proof of voting, a free copy of its acclaimed Marvels of Karnataka /Marvels of Mysore. What better way to know your state and celebrate it?