July 25, 2017

Today, technology and the connected interfaces have make our lives simpler and convenient. IoT (Internet of Things) is not just about things, rather, it’s more about the value it adds to our personal lives. In this day and age, staying healthy, managing one’s daily life and staying connected have all become easier as devices connect with each other, allowing better management and convenience.

shaving app

We are now in a position to connect and link multiple domains, store, retrieve and intelligently use data. We live in a smart world, where devices are connected to each other, with the sole purpose of making live expedient. From the moment we get up to the time we sleep, and even during sleep, we are connected and monitored through technology. Today, one can easily live in a smart home with connected lights, connected kitchen appliances and even connected healthcare, all these accessible at the same time in just one click. 

A smart phone can brew the perfect coffee while you sit back & relax.

Did you know that you could customise coffee through your smart phone? Yes, IoT and connected technology allows us even that. In the new world of 'connected coffee', one can now easily sit and spend time with guests/family, while the coffee is brewing to perfection. The app also sends maintenance alerts, making life further simpler and convenient. So no more standing near the coffee machine to keep a watch.

House lights can now be easily controlled, if one has a smart phone. All that is needed is an application that is connected to the house light. From one room the brightness can be monitored for the other room, including the fans and air conditioner. For instance if the kids are asleep in their room, parents can easily dim the lights there from their own room.

Breathe easy with the smart air purifier

In a similar situation of connected technology, an individual can monitor the quality of air they breathe. The application meant for this connects the air purifying device with an individual’s smart phone, allowing them to assess the quality of air around them. Once they have analysed the air quality around the house, they can then control it within the house, for instance, regulating the humidity. One can now easily see real-time air level information and receive air alerts when air quality reaches unsafe levels and take action.

iot homes

IoT is changing the way we live - from our daily lives to our fitness, it helps us organise everything. Watches, wrist bands and smartphone applications are already keeping a track of an individual’s health, the data from these can be easily documented to be shared with an individual’s care giver, allowing better care. Now, IoT is helping boost the quality of care provided. Surprised? Let us look at this scenario: There is a cardiologist sitting in a tertiary hospital. The cardiologist has just got out of surgery, and is heading for the rounds. The doctor gets an alert from the nurse who informs that one of the patients is going critical - and they receive a video feed showing the patient and the nurse, an ECG chart and complete patient parameters on a mobile software application. The doctor can quickly issue instructions help save that life. This is not wishful thinking, this is real today.

The power of IoT is immense. It is all around us. If used effectively, it can benefit humankind tremendously.

Text by Ravi Ramaswamy


Ravi Ramaswamy is Senior Director, Philips Health Systems

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