January 26, 2017


The flowers at the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens are a beautiful sight on any day, but especially on Republic Day and Independence Day. On these days are the bi-annual Lalbagh Flower Shows; events that flower enthusiasts in the city (and beyond) anticipate with devotion.

The gardens are showing off a stunning array of floral beauty, courtesy of 175 species of flowers and many thousands of pots for decoration! So what are the sights to see?

Top of your list should be the replica of the Gol Gumbaz (a 17th century architectural marvel in Bijapur - India’s largest dome); created using around 4 lakh roses, this floral wonder isn’t to be missed. In the same area is the ‘ButterFly Bay’ by Silk Mark (an initiative by the Central Silk Board) where, as you’d expect, you’ll find huge floral butterflies in gorgeous hues made using roses, orchids, carnations, and chrysanthemums.


ButterFly Bay by Silk Mark

And look out for the flower peacock outside too. If ever you were looking for the perfect selfie opportunities…let’s just say you’ll definitely want your selfie stick.

Flower-lovers will be in raptures over the cold climate flowers (impatiens, fuchsias, and begonias) and the Cymbidium flowers. These flowers are originally from the Netherlands and Australia, although they’re now also grown in Sikkim and Darjeeling. They have made their special, debut appearance at Lalbagh this week. With vertical gardens, floral cascades, eye-catching arrangements, and treasures to be found in the stalls and nurseries, it’ll be a heady experience for all (and we’re not just talking about the perfume in the air!).


Stunning Floral Arrangements

Discovering Treasures in the Nursery

Organised jointly by the Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society, the show runs from Jan 20-29, but it goes without saying that the crowds are realgoing to pour in on Republic Day.

Making this edition truly special is the tribute to Dr. MH Marigowda, the ‘Father of Horticulture in India’ who spearheaded Karnataka’s post-Independence horticultural revolution, on his centennial birth anniversary. Besides a commemorative bust in the Glass House, there’s a very artistic installation set up in his honour down the walkway. You definitely want to take a look at that one…through your mobile phone!

Artistic Installation of Dr. MH Marigowda, viewed through a Mobile

Whether you’re a denizen of Bangalore or a visitor from anywhere in the world, roll up to Lalbagh today…it’s gonna be a day of flowers and festivities. Is there anything better?

The gates are open from 9AM to 6PM, so park your car at Shantinagar Bus Stand near the Double Road gate or at the BBMP Car Park on JC Road (two-wheelers, you’re over at Al-Ameen College) and pay the entry fee (kids enter for Rs. 20 and adults for Rs. 50 on all days but Rs. 60 for Republic Day) to enjoy a beautiful place. Lalbagh is 257 years old and spreads across 240 acres. It can be your Garden of Eden for a day!


Text and Images by Rachel George

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