October 13, 2016



About #SocialOffline

Imagine a collaborative workspace that merges the best of a cafe, bar and the office?

Combining play and work, it takes you offline while still keeping you connected.

 The 15th outlet of Social in India marks its outpost in the epicenter of India's startup scene, Koramangala  Social boasts the largest workspace area with over 100 dedicated spots with the option of travelling between workspaces across all Social outlets in India. Social hopes to give wings to the next generation of Indian unicorns.

The price of the membership is Rs.5000/- per month in which you get access to the space Mon-Fri for 9AM to 6PM. The best part is all of this amount is redeemable on food and drinks. How cool is that? The koramangala social price is so affordable and it offers so many benefits! You can directly jump into party mode from work mode within seconds.

If you are meeting a client, it will not be boring because you’re meeting them at a bar!

Design - Interiors & Exteriors

Koramangala Social is a stab at sustainable architecture and a product of the realisation of Bangaloreans that their city’s green lungs have seen better days. This, paired with the Japanese concept of Shinrin-Yoku, that promotes the health benefits of spending time under the canopy of a living forest, formed the bedrock of Koramangala Social’s design. Designed to be a café-slash-co-working space, the lush green vegetation offers driven individuals the natural healing and de-stressing benefits of nature, indoors – with Wi-Fi and beer to boot.



The recently-opened Koramangala Social {it’s the 15th one in the country, in fact} has a rather bare look, much like a construction site. The greenery all around lends the space an almost post-apocalyptic theme, with the greens overrunning other elements here.

Driven by the thought of creating minimal wastage, recycling and bringing out the soul of the city, the decor of the space has been designed by Faizan Khatri {Mumbai-based architect and co-founder of the design studio, Studio eight twenty three}. From the typography based-art on the walls {saying Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll} to the leaf patterns on the tables {based on plants unique to the city}, the art at the outlet is the handiwork of Hanif Kureshi {co-founder and artistic director of the St+art India festival}.



From the floor you walk on to the high greenhouse styled glass ceiling, the space echoes the outdoors and the green earth. In the truest of senses, Koramangala Social’s unique interiors give you a feeling that nature has overrun the space. 

Interior from the Floor to the roof top glass


Located in the heart of Koramangala, the new Social in Bangalore has a massive footprint of over 13,000 square feet spread across two floors, Koramangala Social is designed to be as much an extension of the Garden City as a sign of the times we live in. Against the context of the fact that Bangalore has been losing the verdant landscape it was once known for.



From the first Social located on Church Street and Whitefield, it has always had a street food party theme to it.



Goli Soda - A fun crate of six mixes consisting of Nimbu Pani, Ginger Limca and Gin, White Rum
Roofja, Vodka Masaledaar and Rasberry Cream Soda. Options include one ordering them as singles.