March 04, 2018


Not from Mars or Venus, On planet Earth together as a whole,
Man and women – two different entities, attract and repulse, as two poles.
With completely different countenance, heart and soul
Nature, behaviour, habits, hobbies and goal.

Man, women completely different, yet complement each other
They are happy, when they live and bond together,
Little sensibility and less of  expectations
Can save the situation of rocking relations.

Man - is rough and tough,a hard nut to crack
But in love-adores, allure and sympathies, has a knack,
Half the times fooling or living in fool’s paradise
Impulsive, reckless, dying to be wealthy and wise.

Women- is petite and dainty, but mentally robust
Always in unfathomed love – sacrifices self, no fuss,
Leaves her own home, name fame, identity – for one
Who rides her on horses, few leaves in a lurch for someone.

Man boast of bravery, chivalry and daring
After few years, love vanishes for dearest darling,
The oaths and vows seem a trivial formality
Forgets the amorous looks & love, better half’s responsibility.

Women, thy name is vanity – the better half
Seldom frivolous  and unfaithful; never bitter half,
Sheds tears in solitude, yet man’s strongest strength
Tries to adjust, to discover, redefine her own wavelength.

Man O, man – love your lover and express it
‘Coz in true life- speech is  golden, silence- damns it,
Women, dear – accept with grace and gratitude
Just remember true love, forget ills and attitude.

Adam and Eve were actually the perfect match
We too can try to be Adam and Eve – a perfect match

Author: Nirmal Rathore 

Category: We are not from mars or venus living together on planet earth