May 12, 2018

Amma, Maji, Talli, Aayi, Amba…..Ma, as a mother is called in India, is a revered figure indeed. With tradition placing mothers on the same pedestal as goddesses, India makes much of moms. Not surprisingly, we have been quick to adopt the Mother’s Day celebrations, usually held on the second Sunday of May.

What you can do to pamper your mom in Bangalore this Sunday?


Bangalore has prepared itself to give all moms in the city a special day on the coming Sunday, May 13. Apart from buying gifts for your moms - we suggest perfume, jewellery, gift coupons to a spa, the best gift would be to spend quality time with the lady of the day.  (2018 Mother's Day Gift Ideas -


You could do a whole host of activities together, ranging from fun painting sessions to partaking a fabulous lunch at The Grand Mercure hotel (Mother’s Day Special by BrushPlay).

For outgoing and up beat moms Jus’ trufs in North Bangalore is the place to go. Enjoy the day dancing and singing and eating good food (Mothers Day Game Show).

Artistic moms can enjoy a Decoupage workshop at Konsult Art and Design Academy in East Bangalore (Mommy & Me Decoupage Workshop).


And for all those moms who want to kick back and relax, with a day away from the kitchen, The Big Pitcher is your destination. Go and binge on mouth watering barbecue buffet, lunch and dinner there (Chef Special Mother's Day at Big Pitcher at Old Airport Road). Or you could put on your chef’s cap and whip up an extra special meal for Mom on her day.

Take your mother to ISKCON MTV in West bangalore for an inspirational talk, music and food and give a spiritual Mother’s day. (International Mother's Day Celebration.)

Go back to your school days and make fun DIY’s with your mom, just like old time at Koramangala Socials.(Throwback to School Project Days | #DIY)

Or pen a letter to your mom, telling her how much she means to you (


Anna Jarvis. 

The first official Mother’s Day was on 9th May, 1914 when American President Woodrow Wilson, was inspired by Anna Jarvis to announce it. Jarvis formed the idea of commemorating motherhood as a national celebration to honour her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis, peace activist.

The notion of paying tribute to mothers is not new. With the Roman spring festival for the mother goddess ‘ Cybele’ and the fourth Sunday of Lent as “Mothering Sunday” in the UK, celebrating motherhood has its prominence.

Much like the Greeks, Indians commemorated motherhood in the festivals and poojas of goddess Durga and Ma Kali. Though in its infancy, India has taken a more western approach to Mother’s Day. Western commercialisation gave way to “ gratitude” cards, along with cooking mom’s favourite meals and pampering her with gifts and a day off.

Other countries have their unique traditions as well. Thailand celebrates Mother’s Day in August with the birthday of their Queen Sirikit. Shrines are decorated in the honour of mothers. Dominicans and Mexicans go all out with large family gatherings and Mariachi bands.

By: Minnal Paranan.