April 28, 2016


Meet two young entrepreneurs -  Arun Sivag and N H Subhash Gowda who along with their multi-talented team at TreeOnz launched an inspired creative collaboration residency with tribal, urban and International musicians called Strisvara.

The aim of the program was to bring women together from different backgrounds to build create, perform and lead together, thereby supporting the careers of the individual musicians and launching collaborative projects for years to come.

The program also celebrated the role of women in music and explores this role from a tribal, urban and global lens.

Strisvara consisted of an 18-day residency and 4-day tour, where musicians from USA, Sweden, and Nepal joined musicians from urban India, and native women from the B.R. Hills in Karnataka, who are musicians but did not consider themselves professionals. Together, they created new compositions, recorded tracks, made videos, and performed for large audiences.

The program resulted in six live performances — with a total audience close to 10,000 people! — along with seven tracks of original compositions, and a video documentary set to be released in winter 2017

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