March 25, 2017

Happiness often comes hand-delivered to your doorstep in the shape of a donut, topped with creamy chocolate icing and a cookie or two!

Mad Over Donuts celebrated their ninth birthday in Bangalore by delivering such a box full of joy to The Good City.

Cookie Carnival Special Image Source


We had three donuts from MOD's special Cookie Carnival menu, which is on till April 18:

The Cookie Monster Oreo, with rich buttercream filling, chunks of oreo cookies and a drizzle of dark chocolate.

Cookie on Top, a donut covered with buttercream and white chocolate, and topped with an oreo.

Cookie Twist, covered with dark chocolate and oreo cookie chunks, with oreo cream filling.



Chocolicious Double Trouble Image Source

The other three donuts in the green and orange box were the old favouritesDouble Trouble - gooey dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzled on top.

Our team was left clamouring for more as the six decadent donuts disappeared in a jiffy. We ate them as the box advised us to, popping them in the microwave oven for eight seconds, and the taste was absolutely delicious!

We are unabashedly lining up for more in their 6 stores across the city! Or wait, we can just order online! Happiness is just a few clicks away at!