May 13, 2017

Mums & Stories tells extraordinary stories of ordinary mothers. This Mother's Day, The Good City crew brings you their story.

Despite living in a world full of actors, politicians, sports people, and millionaire entrepreneurs, the closest many of us ever get to a human with awe-inspiring tenacity, is most likely our mother. Many of us spend a lifetime wondering how our mothers did it all. Not all of these mums are academic geniuses or corporate head honchos. But they do have astounding fighting power and patience that is mostly, let's face it, taken for granted.

But what if, there was a space that exclusively celebrated these ordinary, everyday mothers, for their extraordinary, every-day heroism? Bengaluru-based Mums & Stories has been doing just that, by providing a dais for regular mothers to share their inspiring journeys. 


Reshma Krishnamurthy founded Mums & Stories to tell the stories of "ordinary" mothers.


The publishing platform began when Reshma Krishnamurthy, a former media, and communications professional, quit her job to stay at home with her child. While stories of women who juggled highly successful careers and motherhood abounded, she found that women with perhaps less glamorous jobs but equally compelling tales did not have a voice.

She started Mums & Stories as an experimental social media page in 2015, and it soon grew into an influencer network for mums. life experiences, food blogs, parenting decisions, etc. were curated, and within a year,, an exclusive publishing space for mothers was born.

"We are a niche social enterprise, and a community-driven start up, that focuses on bringing out curated content for mothers, sharing their stories and hosting events that help them connect, network and have a good time with kids," says Krishnamurthy.

Many of the stories on the site feature hard-hitting narratives. For instance, there is a story of a mother with a physically challenged child, that of an acid attack survivor, or a mum who has married twice and is living life on her own terms. 

Mothers assemble at one of the "Mums & Stories talks."


"Right now our focus on content has not been on general parenting articles which others publish. From stay at home mums to entrepreneurs, from transgender people and their struggle for their mother's acceptance, to athletes sharing fitness stories, from food bloggers sharing motherhood experiences and recipes for kids, to tributes to mothers; stories have been varied," Krishnamurthy adds.

Mums & Stories hosts events to solidify the sense of communities amongst mums.

Mums & Stories also conducts events to further solidify the community. These are geared towards creating a safe space for mothers to explore issues that are close to their hearts, such as image building and health. Some of their branded events include "Mum Talks", "Bloggers Meet", "Chai, Gup-Shup and Stories", and so on. To celebrate Mother's day this year, Krishnamurthy organised two "Mum Talks", where any mother could tell her story to a live audience.

 A health and fitness event hosted by Mums & Stories.

Since its inception, the site has curated over 200 stories. Mums & Stories is not membership based and encourages submissions from any mother with a story to tell.