June 09, 2018

The response of the sport of rugby in the city is comparatively lesser than that of cricket and football. Despite this, it has given the national team team many star players. This has helped in popularising the sport.

Bangalore Rugby Football Club    Image source:www.sportskeeda.com

The prime Rugby club in Bengaluru is the Bangalore Rugby Football Club (BRFC), founded in 1996. It has an expatriate team associated called the Bangalore Refugees. The club has an Under-19 and Under-16 boys team and a women’s team started in 2009.

Many international player such as Subramani PE, Vinay Rai, Tarun Appanna and Puneeth Krishnamurthy are from the Bangalore Rugby Football Club. This club held the national seven-a-side tournament in 2004.

Bangalore Bombers Rugby Academy    Image source: Bangalore bombers Facebook page

Another leading rugby club in the city are the Bangalore Bombers. It was established in 2009 and is a member of the Karnataka Rugby Football Association and in association with the South Indian Rugby Football association. Bangalore Bombers also have a team for women.

Slowly spreading throughout the city, rugby is becoming popular among Bangaloreans. Places like Sporty Beans in JP nagar conduct Rugby practice for children between the age group of 2 and a half to 8 (Sporty Beans, JP Nagar, Bangalore - Sports | Hockey, Rugby).

Places to watch the sport in the city

Enthusiasts who love watching the sport can walk down to places like

Xtreme sports bar       Image source: highape.com

Xtreme Sports Bar (Indira Nagar - Xtreme sports bar),

Doff Pub   Image source: highape.com

Doff Pub (Doffpub And Lounge, Indiranagar, Bangalore - magicpin) and

Vapours Pub and Brewery   Image source: www.justdial.com

Vapours Pub and Brewery (Vapour Pub and Brewery at Indiranagar in bangalore - HighApe). They are all in Indiranagar for them to enjoy the game with a good drink and some pub and grub food.

The origin of rugby is a little blurry as many countries played their own versions of traditional football. Rugby, as it is played today, was brought into India by the Britishers. The first official rugby match was played on the day of Christmas in 1872, in Calcutta. England was up against the combined team of Scotland, Ireland and Wales. With 20 players in each team the match was a big success among the westerners. This match gave rise to the Calcutta Football club in 1873 and subsequently to the prestigious Calcutta cup.

It may take some time for the sport to gain momentum in the country, but with the Indian team making its way to the top of the Asian circuit, rugby is a fresh sport for the country to make its mark in.


By Minnal Paranan.