January 08, 2017



21 Day Total Yoga Challenge!

Everyone loves a Yoga Fitness challenge!

Challenges are meant to inspire and motivate you to achieve a level of fitness that you have been aspiring to! The 21 DAY TOTAL YOGA CHALLENGE is not just about Fitness but involves working on every aspect of Yoga – Surya Namaskaar, Asana, Pranayam & Meditation!

We’ve chosen 21 Days because 3 weeks is a considerable enough time to see results and look to develop and sustain a new habit; while its also short enough for people to commit to the training program. And it fits perfectly in that by starting on June 1st (a Monday!) we can complete 21 days on June 21st – the U.N. International Day of Yoga! We’ll be celebrating this Yoga Day in a grand way in Bangalore as well as with our fellow- Yoga Teachers all over the world!

Welcome to RUN+YOGA every Sunday at Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

We'll start with Warm-Up Stretches, then a 5K RUN followed by a 45min YOGA workout, Pranayam & Meditation.
It's an OPEN, Free, Community Event suitable for all levels of Runners (you can run/ jog/ walk 5K or less) and Yogis (from 1st timers to advanced practitioners). #running #yoga #meditation

This is part of the TOTAL YOGA #21DayChallenge Which includes YOGA daily and RUNNING & TREKKING Challenges on weekends! http://total-yoga.org/21-day-challenge/

We believe there's tremendous synergy in both these disciplines - one is a Moving Meditation while the other is a Study in Stillness!

Meetup is at Victoria Statue (opp Chinnaswamy Stadium, main entrance of Cubbon Park at 7:30am)

> Pre-Running Stretches & Breathing techniques
> 5K Run thru Cubbon Park
> Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation session (1hr)

+ RSVP: In case you need more info 97409 80200
+ Meetup at the Victoria Statue in Cubbon Park (opp Chinnaswamy Stadium) at 8am
+ Leave your Yoga mats at the Juice Stalls in Cubbon Park/ in your Car. We'll need them only after our Run.
+ Wear Running Shoes.
+ RUN+YOGA is Open to all levels of Fitness.


"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters."