February 07, 2017

Originally located at Lake View Farms, Café Buzzinga has reopened its doors at a new location – a converted bungalow in Tubarahalli, just a few kilometres from its old spot. Started in 2012 by husband-wife duo, Nipun Bhaskar and Neha Savara, Buzzinga hasn’t lost any of its charm or vibe in its new avatar.  

Expect quirky artwork in the form of pop culture caricatures, including the ever-famous Sheldon Cooper…coz you can’t have “Buzzinga!” without Sheldon Cooper!

The interiors feature bright colours, high chairs and patio furniture, which contrast charmingly with the minimalist, calm white décor of their outdoor section. Some of that quirk does flow outdoors though, with a lone blue door standing in the middle of the space…brought from their old property, it pays homage to their original location.

Bright, vibrant interiors
Such quirky artwork!
Such quirky artwork!

Buzzinga has always aimed to be more than just a place for coffee and food; it’s meant to be a space that calls to your artistic and creative sides.

Peaceful and charming outdoors

So, it makes sense that the café also hosts workshops and classes, and has art supplies, games and a guitar. This is also one of the only places in Whitefield that offers hookah  (A hookah is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco (called shisha).

As avid dog-lovers themselves, the owners have continued to keep this space pet-friendly, so you can bring your pooch around for a day out. They also have a resident mascot pup, named Penny (all they’re missing is Leonard, eh?), who you can find hanging out in their outdoor space.

Little Dog Penny
Little Puppy Penny

The menu has seen a few additions that make it pretty extensive; you should be able to find something you like. Their signature choice, as always, is the all-day breakfast menu which has the most delectable waffles and a filling all-American breakfast with the works. If you’re looking for something more in keeping with the time of day, try the chicken satay, which comes with an amazing peanut sauce; the heavenly chicken wings; or the falafel burger! Be sure to wash down these treats with an indulgent milkshake or a divine cup of coffee.


While the cafe is a little on the pricey side, the friendly staff, food choices and ambience make it a great place to relax for a few hours and enjoy the company of the people you’re with. 

Café Buzzinga is bringing back the culture where going out for coffee or a meal was a leisurely activity…so chill out in this perfect little oasis in Bangalore! 

Text and Images by Akshi Ghosh