February 23, 2018



Speak sister, speak loud and clear.
We are all with you, never fear.
Share your thoughts, your dreams,
Your heart’s desire,
All that you aspire.

We hear you sister, speak.
Don’t be quiet and meek.
Silence isn’t golden, bare your thoughts.
Speech is silver, words are aquiver.
They will set you free.

Words will let you soar and rise
Above, above, far from hard closed minds.
To a place where you can unwind,
And dance away your blues
To an unheard melody that rings so true.

You can hear the wind whisper,

Ride the clouds, hold the sunbeams in your hands,
Touch the rainbow to find your pot of gold.
The rain will sing a lullaby
To let you sleep in peace.

It is hard to forget we know, the barbs, the pain.
The hurtful deeds that seared your soul,
The callous words like thorny weeds
That tore your hands
And left them raw to bleed.

We hear your grief, the hurts you harbour
Your unending fruitless labour
Speech will help you wipe your tears.
Your sisters will hold you in a warm embrace
And heal you with their grace.

We hear your sister, do not suffer.
Silence is not golden, don’t stay downtrodden.

Ignore the rude rejections.
Forget the old humiliations.
Never, never weep, speak sister, speak.

Silence Is Not Golden


Vatsala Warrier