September 05, 2017

It's time again: the bangaloREsidents introduce themselves and we can look forward to a dozen artists, a dozen projects and (more than a) a dozen  ideas. 

All Residents live and work independently from one another of  27 partner organizations. 

They leave their very own footprints in the cultural landscape of Bangalore and process their impressions and experiences with the city and its inhabitants in various artistic forms of expression - from sound to (image) to dance. 

In compact, 7-minute presentations, all 12 artists present themselves in the kick-off event: Spot on bangaloREsidents,


Bernd Lützeler's Profile Bernd Lützeler

Artist and Filmmaker 


@ Experimenta / Srishti

Armed with a camera and a local filmcrew, artist and filmmaker Bernd Lützeler makes his exploration tour through Bangalore's colorful world of small shops as part of his 16mm film project «Endless Supply».

Chris Becher Chris Becher

media artist 



In the dialogue with the urban youth of Bangalore, media artist Chris Becher will elaborate a series of photographs and text that soften the solidified postcolonial stereotyped and romanticized image of India and the Indian people.

George Demir Corç (George) Demir

Media artist 


@ 1 Shanti Road

Media artist George Demir has selected the unique tradition of the Kanapanas wooden toys as an artistic means to explore and question a contemporary and multi-faceted representation of today's India.

View Profile Felix Deufel

Media artist 



Media artist Felix Deufel captures the sounds of the city, will perform a 3D audio workshop and present audiovisual performances in collaboration with local artists. He is always busy with field recordings - now also in Bangalore!

Felizitas Stilleke Felizitas Stilleke 

dramaturge and curator 



Following the original meaning of the word "curating" ( curare - taking care), the dramaturge / curator Felizitas Stilleke strays through the local art scene. Born and accompanied by an open and euphoric look for social dynamics and alliance potentials, she writes a new (global) language of criticism through / with / for love - as a common search. 

Francesco Petruccelli Francesco Petruccelli

Visual artist 


@Daily Dump

Francesco Petruccelli explores garbage as a material expression of death and rebirth. Rubbish, especially plastic, lives an immense creative potential that the visual artist wants to use to evoke new perceptions.

Gabi Schaffner Gabi Schaffner

Sound and radio artist 



Sound and radio artist Gabi Schaffner plans a series of site-specific radio works to transform the location, voice and individual perspective into poetic street performances. As part of her Gartenradio project Datscha Radio, she also pursues applied botany in urban garden communities in the form of sound cartoons.

Lisa Heissenberg Lisa Heissenberg



@Blank Noise

Artist Lisa Heissenberg has already supported Blank Noise from a distance and has prepared initial designs and concepts, which are now to be realized. It will focus particularly on the successful and growing campaign of "I Never Ask For It".

Marje Hirvonen Marje Hirvonen

Dancer and choreographer 



Inspired by relationships between individuals and masses, dancer and choreographer Marje Hirvonen will work with a group of (non) dancers at a contemporary dance performance. It examines human masses and attempts to redefine the concept by means of the body and from an inner perspective.

Sebastian Morocco Walter Sebastian Morocco Walter

Visual artist 



Sebastian Morocco Walters fascination for bees takes him to Bangalore. Here he would like to examine the relationships between humans and bees in Megastadt. As a visual artist and biologist, he focused on the honeybee.

Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton

Visual Artist 


@Pepper House

During her stay in Kerala, Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton, the visual artist, will continue her long-term project "Dubayyland" with a new chapter: "Gulfi" in which she blows the economic relations between Kerala and the UAE.

Thomas Heidtmann Thomas Heidtmann 

Media artist 



The media artist Thomas Heidtmann has been inspired by satellites and uses light, sound, sensors, projections and expanded reality to develop interactive objects that can communicate with each other as well as with the viewer in an exhibition. In Bangalore, he plans a space-art hackathon: SPARTH.