March 02, 2018


The world was polluted, corrupted and strained to the breaking point as a shadow lay over it, despite the sun shining strong and bright. Erebus had been busy, instilling the darkest thoughts in man’s mind. It was a new pastime for him to taunt Allagi by attacking the women of the world. The desire to dominate seeped out of him and into the guileless men, thus beginning the era of squashing women down, subjugating them and tormenting them. Men forgot the importance of their wives, mothers, daughters and instead saw only another mouth to feed, another body to clothe, another person to keep at home and to run the family. They reduced women to nothing more than mere pets forced to obey their ‘master’ and bear punishment if they failed to comply.

Seeing all this Erebus crowed with joy. He began to grow larger and larger, ready to consume the world and let it burn in the demonic fires of the Underworld.

But Erebus did not stop here. Vile creature that he was, he strove to instill his abominable thoughts into the men and not knowing better, they accepted it as their legacy, as their supreme right to dominate. This was the root cause that prevented men from sending their daughters to school and depriving them of education. It caused the birth of female foeticide and infanticide and the thoughts of child marriage. Ironically men were happy to give away their assets, assuming them to a burden and not realizing the worth of a female, while also at the same time lamenting about their poverty. And from the very deepest, darkest depths of Erebus’ mind, where the creatures of evil lurk and fester in hate, rose the desire in a few men to grope a female, to violate and dishonor her.

Through this dark, dark world, a few brave women fought back and splintered the darkness by tiny sparks of light. The invoked the name of equality and rose up like a tide of bristling spears. Elpis brought forward the flame of hope; Maa Kali and Durga Maa, the fierce need for destruction of the bad; Kwan Yin, the compassion to ease suffering and Artemis with her silver bow and hunting horn signifying independence from all ties in life. Attempting to defeat Erebus once and for all, they set the wheels of change in motion and gave birth to dear Allagi.

Allagi led the women into the light and out of darkness. It was finally time for the Era Of Women Empowerment. Men began to push aside the fog that has blinded their eyes and through it saw the shining importance and worth of women. Movements rose to their peak to fight against the evil acts Erebus had promoted and women finally received the chance to spread their wings and fly - glide over the highest clouds and touch the sky.

But the war against Erebus is sill not over. The glorious twenty-first century still houses the darkness. Women are still dishonored, violated; stories of murder and violence against women still blacken the sky, invoking Erebus every single time. The wheels of change need to be accelerated from its sluggish pace by none other than all the women themselves. They need to stand alongside Allagi and demand for their rights and safety. They carry the beacon of hope to dissipate the darkness and chase away the shadows. It is time to stand up and shout -

We hear you sister: silence is not golden! Never again shall we bear the stain of Erebus on us; never again will we throw Elpis to the wolves; never again will we sacrifice our independence. It is time to take up Maa Kali’s mantle, to ride out with Maa Durga’s tiger and face the messed-up world that is our home.


  • Allagi is a Greek word that means to shift, make a transition, and instill change
  • Erebus is the personification of darkness in Greek Mythology
  • Elpis is the spirit of hope that refused to leave Pandora’s jar and abandon mankind – Greek Mythology
  • Maa Kali and Maa Durga are both deities of Indian Mythology. They are powerful goddesses that stand for strength and the defeat of evil.
  • Kwan Yin is a goddess in Chinese Mythology who was said to be given a passage to paradise but upon hearing the cries and suffering of man, decided to stay back in the world and ease their pain
  • Artemis is a Greek maiden goddess – the goddess of the hunt who stands for independence and the power to stand up against men. She is said to have spurned the company of men and instead travels the wild with a band of maidens called The Hunters Of Artemis.

Author: Ananya Dhananjaya

Category: We hear you, sister : silence is not golden