April 27, 2017


Catch the Last Documentary Screening at Everest Talkies, Fraser Town, this evening.

About Vikalp Doc @Everest

Since January 2014, Vikalp Bengaluru has screened documentaries on the last Thursday of every month at this venue.

The Cinema Travellers

Shirley Abraham and Amit Madheshiya use video as a medium of storytelling format via a documentary that immerses the audience into fascinating stories in India, most of us in cities know nothing of. The duo received a grant from India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) in 2008 for researching tabu talkies/tent cinemas that follow the route of the religious mantras/ fairs in Maharashtra. The film emerged from this research.

The Cinema Travellers won critical acclaim and had its world premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the L' Ceil D' or Special Mention: Le Prix du Documentaire. The film was also pitched at the 2013 Sheffield Doc Fest Meet Market, the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, and New York  Film Festival. It also won the Special Jury Award in the non- feature category at the 64th National Film Awards.