March 20, 2017

Today is World Happiness Day, and The Good City crew brings you the story of a search for happiness.

For the 'ulta-chashma' baba, from Bodh Gaya, happiness lies in wearing his shades ulta (upside down) because it gives him an alternate perspective to his otherwise bland life; for actor/singer Ayushmann Khurrana, happiness lies in becoming a somebody from a nobody in the city of Mumbai; for chotti maa (aunt) happiness comes from serving a hearty meal topped with her warm laughter to all the passersby in Nathu La. Every individual has their own unique reason for being happy, and 'Being Happy', an independent youtube series, focuses on such stories from people across India.

'A glass piece pierced through his eye making it permanently disabled; he found his happiness in wearing his glasses upside down since then.'

'Last Christmas, Santa gave me mismatched shoes for being naughty. This Christmas, I am hoping Santa gives me mismatched gloves for being happy.'


'This picture is a reminder of the person who serves happiness with a generous portion of love.'

The first of the 10 weekly episodes of 'Being Happy' premiered yesterday where they covered the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana; the series covers 27 states. It is curated by Neeraj Shetty, Tushar Joshi, Rashi Sharma, Juhi Goklani, Charandeep Kalra and Dhruv Chauhan, who  went on a road trip for 66 days.

The story of the makers of the series is pretty interesting. Exhausted and bored with the monotony of their work on a reality TV show, the six friends wanted to travel and do something creative. The brainchild of Neeraj, the director and editor of the series, was born out of an article in The Hindu, which read 'India ranks 118th on Happiness Index' and served as the catalyst for their grand plan.

Ayushmann Khuranna is happy that his Bollywood dreams came true.

It was a bumpy-ride. They began their journey in a self-driven car on July 10, 2015. It wasn't a smooth ride all the way; they suffered from frequent motion sickness as a consequence of constant travelling, and the occasional car break down.

The show is anchored by Dhruv Chauhan, who asks random strangers what happiness really means to them. And what he found was that people all over the country are different, yet alike; their stories are different, yet they share similar feelings.

After travelling over 18,000 kilometres and meeting over 80 odd Indians in the process, Chauhan says, "You can see it (happiness) on my face when you watch the series. It's right there."

The series is a gentle reminder to all of us, who are caught in the rat-race, that happiness is not a single goal to be achieved by following a set of rules. It is a million little different things. It is not something you can find, it's right there, you just need to be receptive towards it.

As Pharrell Williams sings, "Do you know what happiness is to you?".

Tell us, we would love to know :)

Text by Ankita Sarkar

Photo Credits : Being Happy