April 28, 2016


Beyond providing fuel for the workday, our daily coffee rituals can say much about our personal coffee moments.

Bangalore has always had a rich history of traditional coffee culture along with Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks, Barista and other smaller cafes competing for their space and share of the pie.

What does  "Third Wave coffee" actually mean? A new generation of roasters and cafes are focusing as much on the buying and drinking experience of coffee as on the brew itself, putting a new premium on aesthetics while touting higher quality and better preparations.

Introducing Third Wave Coffee Roasters, a single origin coffee company located in bustling Koramangala. They source origin arabica beans, roast them in small batches and retail them.


Started by two friends, Ayush Bathwal and Anirudh Sharma, the name of the cafe is derived from how the coffee industry labels changes in coffee consumption. 

This ongoing ‘third wave’ of coffee is all about artisanal and non-industrial blends. As you can guess, the boys take their coffee very seriously. Bathwal was in the US and was really inspired by the coffee culture there.


“Coffee was treated as a boutique luxury product, not just a beverage,” he says. They bring down green beans from several estates in and around Chikmagalur, like MS Estate, Badra Estate, Sangameshwar Estate and others.

“Each estate has its own flavour because of the altitude or type of soil. This gives the beans a few unique notes, just like wine,” he explains, adding “You can get fruity or floral notes from coffee too.” 

Shantanu Gupta
Shantanu Gupta loved his flavoured coffee experience @shantanugupta





Organic drinking chocolate by @masonandco_chocolate in handcrafted cups by @rokulkarni & @bhairavinaik = BLISS

Manual Brews at Third Wave Coffee
 Vardhaman Jain a regular swears by the Manual Brew on Sundays



Freshly baked organic treats from @lluvia.bakery!


Cafe  The cafe also features a range of Board Games & FREE WiFi

Third Wave

Board Games to keep you going along with some good coffee


The Ceiling is quirky
The Ceiling is quirky



Location - Third Wave Coffee Roasters, 984, 80 Feet Main Road, 4th Block, Koramangala.

Price -  A meal for three costs approximately Rs 1200.

Accessibility - Walking yes, no access for disabled people.

Located on the first floor with no elevator access.