March 02, 2018





“I’ll do it.” A voice cries.
You step back to allow her.
Eyebrows tight, giving it all.
Almost there, she’s almost there.

“Oh move it,” he shouts,
Pushing her aside.
“You only think you can do it,
But I can do it with my might.”

At the same time, you look up to see,
Tears pooled in her eyes.
Wondering why on earth she cries,
That’s when you realise.

All she needs is time and patience.
All she needs is a voice.
All she needs is for it to be said.
That she should at least fully try.

“Are you alright?” you ask,
Worried. Even though she says,
“Yes, don’t worry I’m fine.
This happens all the time.”

That gets you thinking hard.
Silence a supposed golden rule.
Little did they tell you.
It's silencing helpless voices too.

“But that’s not right," you hear yourself say.
She whips her head around.
“You can’t be ruled around.
You only need to make a sound.”

“I could, I have, believe me, I’ve tried.
But to be heard someone needs to listen,
To my pleas, to my cries,
To those thousand teary eyes.”

“What stops you from trying again?”
“Fear” she simply replies.
“I don’t want to be laughed at, mocked or silenced
With subtle words, invisibly violent.”

“I hear you, I know,
Breaking silence is hard.
But your voice has power. Voices have power.
To scream the silence away.”

You then turn to see her thinking hard.
Maybe she’s reconsidering.
Maybe she’ll finally say it out loud.
And that’s when you hear someone calling her.

“A little help would be great you know.”
Now is her time to shine.
Though people try to push her away.
Our girl stays grounded and says

“I’ll help. I can help
You’ve got to let me try."
At first its silence then they say,
“You know what, you’re right."

And then they stood, side by side,
With her bathed in a different light.
Now the silence isn’t as loud.
And that’s because she made a sound.


Image used for representational purposes only.

Author: Tripti Nair

Category: we hear you sister : silence is not golden