April 04, 2018

Dr. Kristoffer Gansing, Artistic Director of the Berlin-based transmediale festival will deliver a lecture entitled: transmediale – art and digital culture at face value.

Based on the transmediale festival's thirty-year legacy of critical engagement with media art, the lecture by Dr. Kristoffer Gansing makes a case for the values of speculative, interventionist practices in art and (post-) digital culture. Hybrid research and development processes that fuse art, science and technology are ever more in demand  and are being connected to processes of value creation. The latter which are determined by the drive to create data out of everything in order to implement fine-grained forms of measurement and quantification.


As creativity becomes a highly sought-after skill in an increasingly knowledge-driven economy we need to ask ourselves whose and what innovation is eventually being produced by artists intersecting with industrial contexts, scientific knowledge paradigms and a financialised economy.

The lecture will explore artistic work produced within the framework of a festival which explores transversal and critical imaginaries of what technological development might look like in this moment of a datafied reality, and a general post-digital condition of fusion between the analogue and the digital.

Dr. Kristoffer Gansing is a Swedish curator, writer and researcher living in Berlin where for the past seven years he is artistic director of the world-renowned transmediale festival for art and digital culture. Intersecting art, theory and technology, Gansing’s writing and curatorial work is a critical interrogation of our relation to technology from a post-digital perspective where digitisation has become part of everyday life. Gansing has contributed articles to academic volumes such as 'Place Studies in Art, Media, Science and Technology' (WDG, 2009), 'Online Territories' (Peter Lang, 2011) and journals such as 'The Fibreculture Journal'. His Ph.D. 'Transversal Media Practices' (2013) dealt with how media archaeological art practices reconfigure linear conceptions of technological development and was published by 'Malmö University Press' in 2013. With Ryan Bishop, Jussi Parikka and Elvia Wilk he edited 'Across & Beyond – A Transmediale Reader on Post-digital practices, concepts, and institutions' published by Sternberg Press in 2016.





Prior to these activities, Gansing worked between media research, art and curation, including the artist-run TV channel tv-tv in Copenhagen and as co-director of the media art festival 'The Art of the Overhead', devoted to the near forgotten medium of the overhead projector.