September 29, 2017

Mysore Dasara is among the greatest shows on earth. It is a vibrant montage of royalty, pomp and show, a cornucopia of gaiety, music and dance, fun and frolic. The Jambu Savari and the eclectic parade that marks the end of the festivities is the visible, tangible manifestation of the Dasara festivities, a tradition that is steeped in history. The highlight of  the 407th edition of Dasara in Mysore is September 30, with a grand procession that will go through 4.5 km of the royal city.


Elephants play a key role in the Dasara procession: the elephants that participate in the Jambu Savari are chosen for their personality and looks and the lead elephant especially has to have the charisma of a leading man.

Elephants Jambu Savari



dasara mysore

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