February 23, 2018

We are not from Mars or Venus: living together on earth 


She is not just a goddess of love and beauty 

Don’t call her divine. 

Don’t ask her to sit cross legged 

Or mind her hemline. 

Don’t ask her to swallow insults 

Or hide sanitary napkins in a black paper bag.  

Don’t make only daylight her friend 

Or to be delicate and shy, a girl’s tag.   


He is not just about anger and aggression  

Don’t label these as masculine.  

Don’t ask him to hide his tears 

Or call them feminine.

Don’t tell him that to be a boy 

He should choose blue over pink.

Or pick up karate over cooking 

For there is more to it than we think. 


What our little ones grow up to be  

Depends on what they grow up with   

Gender should not be something 

To be apologetic for. 

We are symbiotic 

Were always meant to be   

So let’s together forfeit 

This Mars and Venus,




Mitalee Dabral