February 26, 2018

We hear you, sister… silence is not golden


Stand up, speak up and rise above all,

I urge the nation to help silence fall.


I, your Gauri, shall speak loud and clear,

My stand shall stand ahead of threats and fear.

I stand to question their lives in false praise,

Those who’ve sinned against religion and race,

They kill, they slaughter – ‘dharma’ is the name,

They burn and plotter – have they lost all their shame?

It’s kind of really funny to see them lurk,

Behind the petals standing in sheer murk!


As I drop down and lie in my pool of red,

I raise my chin, standing by every word I said.

I close my eyes I hear their laughter in vain-

They cheer, they think they’ll never hear me again!

Ignorant they are – their silly myopic view,

Little do they know I’m reborn – afresh and new!


Their bullet could hit me, but never still down my voice,

For I speak a million words, by the strength of my choice,

Through your blood I live, that runs through your veins,

I go on to live amidst their ‘dharma’ and our pains.


I am Gauri, your sister in these times,

I urge you to break the silence and hear the ringing chimes,

For silence is vicious to those I love so dear,

Silence is the cynic laugh that bleed inside the ear.

I keep my hopes on you to heal my burning blister,

To the day when you’ll say – ‘Silence is not golden – we hear you, sister’

Author: Debalina Haldar

Category: We hear you sister: Silence is not golden