March 05, 2018



The night was pompous, glaring with lights and sounds of a grandeur party.

In a lonely alley besides, a woman cried being victimised, feeling lonely and  empty.

Technology again excelled, systems and gadgets got updated, brilliance was patted 


In a lonely corner besides, a cry was muffed, for a lil respect, a lady awaited. 

Heads were soaring high, the skies a witness, when the boys passed with average marks 

On a lonely bench, a girl weeped passed with distinction, yet had remarks.


A father drowning to support his family, pleading the son to come forth and help

The daughter had tears in her eyes, not once she was trusted, her pride she did gulp

The sounds of weeps and the cries were unheard, silent it was, the world of misery 

Silence is sure not golden, with a daughter a sister or a mother, in agony 

Author: Mustansir Mamoowala 
Category: We hear you sister: Silence is not golden