February 19, 2018

Image Source: Collective Evolution

We sit in the Venus of our house,
Hearing the sound of spoons, knives and cooker whistles,
With eyes fixed to the book shelf and desk,
The Mars of the house,
What is our real world?

We can tally our accounts and manage our money,
Our thoughts are printed on paper,
We keenly work with liquids and wires in labs,
We spend hours to know what the library shelves can offer,
We can drive our lives on any road and in any direction.

We dream about a good life,
We are dedicated and focused in what we do,
We can shoulder responsibilities and brainstorm,
Amidst the files on a roundtable conference,
And dishes served in our dining room.

Our sporting kit is no different, and we practice in the same stadium
We are beings of bone, blood and skin,
We laugh out loud, cry, dance and sing,
We breathe the same air, live through the humid, cold and wet days,
Are we different in any way?

This is not the red hot Mars; it is neither the quite Venus,
This is our home, we live here, and this is Earth,
We have a desire as strong as fire,
We feel blue, when there is nothing exciting and new,
We are normal human beings.    

We listen to stories to that make us smile and blush,
We seek events for a thrill and an adrenaline rush,
We are as weak as a feature out of control,
We are strong like an iron rod on a concrete brick, firm and tall,
Its everyday experiences and everyday business

We are normal human beings
We speak loudly and feel shy at the same time
We are similar in body, mind and spirit,
Running our hands through the pens and papers, forks and spoons,
To make decisions, meals and rhyme

We are neither from Mars, nor from Venus,
This has been our home since birth,
We live together on planet Earth.

Christal Ferrao

Category: We are not from Mars or Venus: Live together on Planet Earth.