February 09, 2017


We’ve all been there...a long night out (or in) catching up with people over many drinks and then waking up the next morning with an awful hangover.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have that night out and be, if not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, at least functional the next morning? Enter Morning Fresh (cue triumphant music)!

So, what is Morning Fresh anyway? The brilliant invention of the father-daughter duo, Bharat and Mitali Tandon, and developed by Sericare (pioneers in the field of sericulture and using silk as a bio-material), in layman’s terms, it’s an all-natural ‘miracle’ cure for your night of indulgence.

Scientifically speaking, this elixir stimulates your liver to reactive its production of the enzyme ADH, which has been suppressed by all the alcohol you’ve been downing (“sending it” is what we Bangaloreans say). This suppression is why you have a pounding head the next morning; but make this little bottle your last drink before bed and voila, your liver is rejuvenated and you’ve dodged your morning hangover!



Talking about how this wonder drink came to be,

Mitali Tandon, Founder and CEO of Morning Fresh said: “We started doing research for Morning Fresh in 2014 and entered the market at the end of 2015. I was quick to gauge the gap in the market; as binge drinking is on the rise, there is a proliferation of bars and restaurants in the city and youngsters are increasingly leading a fast-paced life. We developed Morning Fresh as the only post-drinking solution to help relieve the after-effects of alcohol consumption.”

Something like this probably sounds too good to be true...it probably costs the earth and is impossible to get your hands on. You’d be wrong on both counts.

A 60ml bottle (and that whole bottle is what you need to drink) is available for a very reasonable Rs.100...and comes in cola, mint, strawberry, and a brand new cinnamon flavour.

Morning Fresh - Mint

Morning Fresh - Cola

Morning Fresh- Strawberry 

Where can you get it? They’ve tied up with some of the top bars and restaurants across the city, and there are even liquor outlets that stock it. You can also buy it straight off their website. When it comes to “responsible drinking”, they’re making it easy for you to make a responsible choice! As to how often you can take it...well, as a natural alcohol detox drink that protects and detoxes your liver, you can take it as often as you decide to drink.

And don’t think they’re trying to nag you into making good choices...oh no! They’ve found a fun way to engage with us sippers and tipplers, while keeping us on top of just how much we’re putting away. Things like The Bro’ster (a chatty digital coaster that’s mapping your drinking curve), the Alculator(you’re gonna know just how much productive time that hangover’s cost you...sigh) and the #FreshStarts challenge (a 21-day challenge of fitness, health and adventure).

So the next time you’re looking at a big night, remember to grab your handy dose of Morning Fresh. It’s definitely time to say goodbye to stumbling around in blind pain the next morning looking for coffee, greasy food and ingredients for that “sure-fire home remedy”!

Written by Rachel George