Ending Inactivity at home 🎮

Physical Activity for All

The role of content, community, and data in the future of strength training.

The opposite of expensive or exclusive exercise, it’s time to make physical activity the top priority.

We use words like fitness, exercise, and activity interchangeably, but they’re very different.

Exercise is a structured regimen. Fitness is performance-based. But physical activity is movement — the kind that gets us off the couch and away from screens. Best case, it’s outside in nature, right?

Unlike fitness or exercise, where we’re striving toward a specific goal, in promoting physical activity, movement is the goal. Move more, move often. #movementtherapy


Yes, The International Olympic Committee announced the Olympic Virtual Series, a new virtual sporting event.

Of note, Zwift will host a cycling competition. Rowing is also among the five sports included in the event, with more details to come on the format.

Why it’s interesting: Zwift CEO Eric Min has said he wants Zwift racing “to be a fully-fledged Olympic sport,” targeting the 2028 Olympics.

This news is a step in that direction, with Min tweeting: “Participation in virtual sports is at an all-time high and Zwift is at the forefront of creating a new genre of physical virtual sport.”

  •  Olympic Esports

The IOC said it will encourage “the development of physical and non-physical forms of sports” (meaning esports) in an effort to attract a younger audience.